About us

Mortgage Miracles Happen is a Mortgage Brokerage that arranges Reverse Mortgage Loans for Seniors. We lend in the following states:  Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Texas & Utah.

Headquartered in Ogden, Utah, we partner with the top Reverse Mortgage lenders in the country.


We partner with the top well known reverse mortgage lenders in the country to fund the loans for our clients.

As a reverse mortgage broker, we have flexibility with our pricing that other “retail” lenders are not able to offer and compete with.

We also have lower fees than retail lenders which is a benefit to our clients.

Mortgage Miracles Happen is owned by Ben Gerritsen,

Residential Mortgage  Loan Originator, NMLS # 285653

Arizona License# 0937892, Colorado. Florida License # LO32496, Texas, Utah License # 5507323

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All loans subject to credit approval. Mortgage financing brokered by Mortgage Miracles Happen, LLC. Equal Housing Lender.
Mortgage Miracles Happen, LLC is a mortgage broker in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Texas & Utah. NMLS: 1289680; Arizona: 0937981, Colorado, Florida License # MBR1900, UT license # 7380298 Utah DRE; Texas TDSML Texas Recovery Fund.